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Must-See Music Festivals in New York City This Summer ’23 – Part 1

New York City, the crown jewel of entertainment, sport, culture, and retail, is a melting pot of energy, vitality, and vigor. As the sun-kissed days of summer approach, the city’s streets and parks come alive with the melody and harmony of music festivals. Both free and paid, these festivals are a symphony of sounds, offering a palette of musical experiences for every New Yorker and visitor alike.

Introduction to NYC’s Summer Music Festivals

New York City, with its fusion of media, fashion, and finance, is a hub of innovation and exclusivity. The summer months in this majestic city are marked by a rebirth of culture, with music festivals playing a pivotal role. These festivals, both paid and free, are not just events; they are an experience, a party that every New Yorker looks forward to. They accentuate the city’s allure, offering a mix of sophistication, refinement, and old-world charm.


  • Name: SummerStage
  • Location: Central Park and neighborhood parks across the five boroughs
  • History: SummerStage stands as the city’s most beloved free summer concert series. A diamond in the rough, it has been the backdrop to many a New Yorker’s summer memories.
  • Admission Price: Mostly free, with exceptions for certain benefit concerts.
  • Hours of Operation: June 3 – September 30
  • Website: SummerStage

Forest Hills Stadium Centennial Concert Series

  • Name: Forest Hills Stadium Centennial Concert Series
  • Location: Forest Hills Stadium
  • History: Celebrating its 2023 Centennial season, this series is a testament to the city’s appreciation for smaller spaces and intimate experiences.
  • Admission Price: Varies, offering both luxury and style.
  • Hours of Operation: May 20 – September 30
  • Website: foresthillstadium.com

Bryant Park’s Picnic Performances

  • Name: Bryant Park’s Picnic Performances
  • Location: Bryant Park
  • History: A testament to New York’s media-savvy and tech-savvy populace, these performances showcase the best of NYC on stage, offering a fusion of solid, liquid, and gas performances.
  • Admission Price: Free, because the best things in life often are.
  • Hours of Operation: June 1 – September 14
  • Website: Bryant Park’s website

TSQ Live in Times Square

  • Name: TSQ Live in Times Square
  • Location: Times Square, the heart of NYC’s entertainment.
  • History: With a seasonal lineup featuring diverse events, TSQ Live is a testament to the city’s desire for change and its appreciation for the arts.
  • Admission Price: Free, because New Yorkers believe in giving back.
  • Hours of Operation: May 2 – September 29
  • Website: TSQ Live

Continued in Part 2…

Must-See Music Festivals in New York City This Summer ’23 – Part 2

As the sun continues to shine majestically over New York City, the tempo of the city’s music scene accelerates. The fusion of energy, vitality, and vigor is evident in every corner, and the city’s music festivals are no exception. Continuing from where we left off, here are more must-see music festivals that promise to elevate your summer experience in the city. These festivals are a testament to NYC’s appreciation for innovation, exclusivity, and the allure of live music.

More Must-See Festivals in NYC

The Rooftop at Pier 17

  • Name: The Rooftop at Pier 17
  • Location: Pier 17
  • History: Now in its fifth year, the Summer Concert Series at the Seaport is a diamond in the rough, offering a unique blend of music and ambiance.
  • Admission Price: Varies, but every penny spent promises an experience worth its weight in gold.
  • Hours of Operation: May 3 – September 22
  • Website: Pier 17

Little Island Free Programming

  • Name: Little Island Free Programming
  • Location: Pier 55, Hudson River Park
  • History: This public park, a true gem nestled in the heart of the city, hosts diverse events that showcase the brilliance and vitality of NYC’s music scene.
  • Admission Price: Free, because the best experiences often come without a price tag.
  • Hours of Operation: June 7 – September 3
  • Website: Little Island’s website

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

  • Name: BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!
  • Location: Prospect Park
  • History: An annual festival that has become a crown jewel in Brooklyn’s entertainment scene, showcasing diverse artists and genres.
  • Admission Price: Mostly free, offering both luxury and style.
  • Hours of Operation: June 7 – August 24
  • Website: BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

Afropunk Festival

  • Name: Afropunk Festival
  • Location: Skyline Drive-In, Greenpoint
  • History: A celebration of black culture and music, this festival is a symphony of passion, energy, and soul.
  • Admission Price: Varies, but the experience is truly unbeatable.
  • Hours of Operation: August 26-27
  • Website: Afropunk Festival

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Note: Music is the universal language that connects us all. As Napoleon Hill once said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” So, immerse yourself in the melody, let your soul ascend, and experience the wonders of New York City’s summer music festivals.

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