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Greetings from LEVEL! We are excited to welcome you to our team of dedicated professionals in New York City. My name is Sydney Harewood, and I am a licensed salesperson with LEVEL, located at 5 West 37th Street, 12th Floor, NYC, NY 10018.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a unique approach to real estate. This isn’t your everyday “find a listing, make an offer” process. It’s much more, an artistry, a craft. It’s a secret code to the New York City real estate market. However, don’t expect to see this code easily. It’s laced within our commitment to you, concealed within our diligence, and embedded within our expertise, just like gold amidst gravel.
A real estate agent’s role goes beyond simply showing you apartments or houses. We believe in retention over recruitment, in cultivating a relationship over a transaction. We see our clients not as one-time buyers or sellers but as lifetime partners in their journey through the labyrinth that is New York City real estate.
We are the architects of a process that optimizes your real estate experience. Over 98% of potential buyers or renters aren’t ready to commit when they first start looking. They need guidance, understanding, and above all, patience. We offer all of this and more. Our approach isn’t about hard selling but about building trust and rapport, ensuring you feel comfortable and heard every step of the way.
Optimization, our secret word, is at the heart of our philosophy. It’s about getting more results in less time, maximizing your investment and streamlining the journey to your dream home. It’s about continuity and consistency, being there for you throughout the process and beyond.
In the hidden corridors of the New York City real estate market, we have built a business model that demands minimal effort from you but yields extraordinary results. The profit centers are built into every transaction, ensuring your investment grows over time with zero additional effort or time from you.
We believe in playing big, using strategies honed by the industry’s finest, irrespective of your real estate experience or goals. Whether you’re just starting your journey, investing in your first property, or a seasoned real estate player, we’re here to elevate your experience.
This isn’t just about winning the real estate game. It’s about gaining absolute influence and power in the market, doing so with style, grace, and eloquence. We want to create a business experience so enticing that you’d leap over obstacles and slip through the narrowest of windows just to work with us again.
Optimization is our secret code, our golden principle. We promise to take your real estate journey as far as it can go, unlocking doors to opportunities and opening windows to new horizons in the grand arena that is New York City.
We’re not just real estate agents. We’re your partners in this journey, your guides in this adventure, your optimizers in this process. Welcome to the secret code of New York City real estate.
Let’s unlock this city together.
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